The Power of an All-Girls School

Our senior leaders reflected on what an all-girls education means to them during our All School Opening Assembly in September.  Click to watch our compilation and read below to enjoy each girl’s individual speech.


Zoya Siddiqui ’19, Senior Class President
“When I was four and my parents were parading me around schools, trying to decide which one I would attend in the fall, the question was never whether or not I should go to an all-girls school, the question was which one? Fourteen years ago, my parents already knew something I have only recently had the joy in discovering, which is that all-girl schools are magical. Right now, we are in a land where we can be whatever we want, not despite the fact we’re girls, but because of it. We can be scientists, and musicians, and athletes, and even president. That isn’t true everywhere, but it is true at Baldwin.”  Click to watch her full speech.

Alexa Diecidue ’19, Student Senate Head
“I’ve been a part of the Baldwin community since I was just 4 years old in Pre-K. I’ve grown up in the hallways and classrooms of our school, so I am the direct product of an all-girls education. My parents decided to send me here as opposed to a coed institution because of the unique supportive environment that an all-female community creates.  They loved that I would be able to succeed and push myself without any boys dominating my classes or distracting me from my education. To them, the Baldwin experience would show their daughter that she can be an independent woman and never have to rely on anyone in her future. Her dreams would be more than possible to accomplish, and not one person would be able to step in her way. Now in my 14th year at Baldwin, I can attest that my parents’ wishes came true 100%, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”  Click to watch her full speech.

Juliet Paiva ’19, Service League
“Some things can go wrong, but we always can work together to solve the problem and have fun doing so. The all-girls environment at Baldwin allows us to be fearless when faced with adversity. We have the self-confidence to strive for success even when it seems pretty improbable. We are unafraid to share ideas, experiment, and create.”  Click to watch her full speech.


Lauren Bracken ’19, Athletics Association
“When I first came to Baldwin in 7th grade, coming from a co-ed environment, I honestly was a little hesitant to enter an all-girls school. Now, I feel that coming here is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a part of an all-girls environment has allowed me to grow to my full potential in and outside of the classroom. The atmosphere in the classrooms at Baldwin are incomparable. You gain the confidence and capability to do anything. You are able to voice your opinions without the fear of being shut down. And you have countless opportunities to create your own path based on who you are.

An all-girls environment in the Athletics has definitely been a plus with my time at Baldwin. It puts all the attention and focus on girls’ sports. There are no Friday Night Lights here where everyone supports the boys football team. Instead everyone comes to watch the swim meet at winter spirit night or the tennis and field hockey games at homecoming.”  Click to watch her full speech.

Alissa Liu ’19, Arts League
“I joined this family as a freshman seedling. Growing up, I was surrounded by the general stigma that visual thinkers, especially visual artists, cannot thrive in this society; that visual thinkers are only able become good drawers, and are unable to excel in other fields. I heard jokes such as females can pursue art “only if they marry rich businessmen!”. It was as if the elements that made me “me” were the weights hindering my growth. But being a part of an institution where girls are celebrated to become leaders, speak their minds, and live up to their differences made me realize that my potential can only be as great as I allow it to become. I’m here today because this community gave me the incentive to continuously challenge, try, and discover how I can translate my creative visions into reality through leadership.” Click to watch her full speech.