Listen Up, Teachers

Have you heard about YouTube’s new teacher channel?  It helps teachers integrate video into the classroom, taking into consideration fears associated with doing so.  Read this article for the scoop, and leave us a comment once you’ve checked it out.

Making the Invisible Visible Through Art and Science

On Tuesday, September 20, the Science and Art Departments hosted a Senior Honors Seminar for twenty seniors from Baldwin, Agnes Irwin, Shipley and Haverford. As part of an on-going collaboration between the four schools, the students are invited to each school in their junior spring and senior fall for an evening of learning and discussion … [Read more…]

Three Cheers for the Bryn Mawr 100

The Bryn Mawr 100 event on September 10 was a great way to celebrate Baldwin’s history, along with the 18 other institutions in Bryn Mawr which have also been in continuous use for over 100 years! It is remarkable that we have so much history in our little town and we look forward to celebrating … [Read more…]