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Grade VI Students: “Keep Calm”

Keep calm. Follow directions. Pace yourself.

These are all fail-safe tips for taking an exam – just ask Baldwin’s sixth graders.  Following an exam prep session on Monday with Baldwin Learning Facilitator Cecily Selling, the students were assigned with the task of either designing a poster or performing a skit to highlight what they had learned.

The girls created a list of valuable recommendations come crunch time, which included the use of notecards as a study tool, and paying extra attention on exam review days.  They also brainstormed helpful tips to help get ‘in the zone’ on exam day, which included a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and thinking positive.



The Power of Mistakes – Baldwin’s Learning Facilitator

Cecily Selling

When did you last make a mistake?  How did you feel after you made it?  What were the consequences of your mistake?  Most of us have a negative association with making mistakes.  They can be embarrassing, and we often try to avoid them.  However, mistakes are essential for learning.  If you think back on some of the important lessons you have learned, you will probably find that you learned from a mistake.

The sign on my office says, “At Baldwin Smart Girls Get Help.”  It could also say, “Baldwin Thinking Girls take risks and make mistakes in order to learn.”  I used to teach ice skating and I would tell my students, “If you don’t fall down, you are not learning.”  When we challenge ourselves with new learning we are bound to make mistakes.  The trick is to provide an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable enough to err.

What can parents and teachers do to help students to learn from mistakes?  Read suggestions for both here.  The article is from The Brainology Program out of Stanford University.  This program is connected to Carol Dweck who wrote the book: Mindset.  Baldwin faculty read this book a few years ago and it has helped all of us to make Baldwin a place for students to try, fail, try again and grow.

–Cecily Selling, learning facilitator

A Lesson from Penn’s Arts and Sciences Magazine

Dr. Mindy Hong

As Baldwin refines its interdisciplinary courses, school psychologist Sherie Saner shares the Penn’s Arts and Sciences magazine, specifically two pieces on integrated learning and interdisciplinary approaches.  
Refer to pg 1 from the Dean and pg 3 on ISP – Integrated Studies Program at Penn; they are both very exciting and inspiring as we look to build the academic successes of Baldwin.
– Dr. Mindy Hong, assistant head of school

Prescription for Play

Childhood is a wonderful time of learning, exploration, and self-discovery.  Some experts feel we have interfered with that natural development over the past several decades, during which there have been miraculous advances in technology and other fields, but limits on children’s free choices and playtime.  Perhaps we move through the world today at a pace that’s too quick, or perhaps we are too scheduled.  Children’s free play promotes creativity, resilience, self-control, and the opportunity to explore social connections.  Children grow and develop optimally with balance – both freedom and structure, and both roots and wings!

- Sherie Saner, Ph.D.,  Baldwin School Psychologist and member of Baldwin’s Specialists in School Team

Lending a Hand

The Middle School Mentors, a group of Grade VIII girls, meet with their Pre-K mentoring buddy each week for activities including reading, working on their letter books, coloring and playing outside.  We look forward to seeing these relationships flourish as the year progresses!

- Liz Strauss, school counselor and Specialist in School Team member




Listen Up, Teachers

Have you heard about YouTube’s new teacher channel?  It helps teachers integrate video into the classroom, taking into consideration fears associated with doing so.  Read this article for the scoop, and leave us a comment once you’ve checked it out.

The Blue is Back!

 The Baldwin Blue is back – have you seen our new website?

Here’s a quick run-down of the new features:
Portals:  One-stop-shops for Parents, Students and Alumnae with news, calendars, downloads and more – all tailored to your needs.  Access these portals at the top right of any page on the website. 
Technology and Arts Sections:  Baldwin’s focus on technology in the classroom and as a discipline will be highlighted, as will its focus on performing and fine arts.
News & Calendar:  Access the latest news and events from the homepage and all main pages of the website, making it easier to find the information you need, when you need it.  Even better, you can filter your news and calendar by division, arts and athletics! We’ve also made things simple by integrating an “email to a friend” feature, the ability to export an event to your personal calendar, and the ability to easily print the calendar.
Simple Search:  The “search” bar is featured at the top of every page and is now integrated with Google for faster, more efficient site searches.
Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly! (Hopefully there won’t be much of the latter two.)