The Baldwin School Library Services Team: Experts in the Education of Girls

The library services team of The Baldwin School regularly goes above and beyond when it comes to facilitating the education and development of the entire community.  Their mission is to “foster a lifelong habit and love of reading and learning,” and they accomplish this through an intentional drive to encourage the thoughtful and responsible exchange … [Read more…]

Upper School Environmental Science Capstone Project: Our Students Become Teachers

Written by Maggie Epstein, Science Teacher In honor of Earth Day, and as a capstone project for their senior elective, the Environmental Science class took on the challenge of becoming experts on an environmental issue and then educating and acting on that issue as well. Throughout the year, the class has focused on the depletion … [Read more…]

A Cross Curricular, Multi-Grade Interactive Dinosaur Board

Written by Stephanie Greer, Lower School DREAM Lab ® Coordinator and Computer Science Department Chair, in collaboration with Andre Teixeira, Lower School Art Teacher and Department Chair of Visual Arts, Kindergarten Teachers Monica Henkel and Carol Beaverson, and Janice Tan, Lower School Science and DREAM Lab ® Teacher. How the Interactive Dinosaur Board Came to Be: … [Read more…]

Middle School Service Trip: Discovering Marine Conservation

During Baldwin’s Spring Break, 12 Middle School students traveled to Key Largo, Florida, for a week of activities involving service, culture and exploration.  The group worked with Marine Design Lab to learn about marine biology and conservation.  Grace Halak ’22, Blake Landow ’22, Thea Rosenzweig ’22, Sarah Ying ’22 and Elva Chen ’22 discussed their … [Read more…]

Teaching Our Students to Love Science

Written by Christie Reed, Science Department Chair, Becky Lewis, Lower School Science Teacher and Maggie Epstein, Middle School Science Teacher.  Winnie, our School mascot, is missing! Where did she go and who took her? As the 5th graders entered their Science class, this was the crime scene they faced. It was up to them to … [Read more…]

The Sour and the Sweet

Foreword by Cindy Lapinski, Director of Middle School.  Story by Defne Doken ’24. The term ‘growth mindset’ is regularly discussed in the Middle School. We talk with the students about what it means to have a growth mindset in relation to learning and trying new things. According to Carol Dweck, “those with a growth mindset believe their … [Read more…]

Team Up Philly & Baldwin – Empowering Young Women

Torrie Smith ’20 talks about her experience with Team Up Philly and how she’s helping students at The Baldwin School partner with this organization to inspire and empower young women. Team Up Philly is an organization designed to empower girls from underserved areas in Philadelphia. By promoting individualism and unity, they teach the girls to … [Read more…]