Going Green

This is the first of a series of “green tips” which will be posted throughout the year. This week’s tips highlight the benefits of using a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water. Want to get involved with the Baldwin recycling program? Join ‘Earth Matters,’ Baldwin’s very own organization committed to sustainability and ‘going-green!’ Stay tuned for details on Earth Matters’ recycling art contest…

Now, on to the tips:

Reusable Bottles VS. Plastic Bottles


60 billion single use drink containers were bought in 2006 in the US, and that 3 of 4 of these were directly thrown in trash (not recycled) after use (The Container Recycling Institute).

Tap water is regulated by the EPA who has stringent standards of  what is allowed in the water, whereas bottled water is regulated by the FDA only if it crosses state boundaries and only to ensure that the bottling process is sanitary. They do not regulate what is in the water (National Resources Defense Council).

When plastics break down they don’t biodegrade; they photodegrade into smaller pieces, they are able to absorb and carry toxins with them, and they contaminate soil, water, and animals (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


Reduce: Buy a reusable plastic bottle at Baldwin’s bookstore for $15.95 and fill at a water fountain or at home and you will recover the cost in two weeks by saving on a $1.15 disposable bottle each day.

Reuse: Clean and reuse your new water bottle everyday!

Recycle: If you have to buy a disposable water bottle, drink all the water and recycle the bottle!

 – Tiffany Hays Borsch, sustainability coordinator and environmental sciences teacher

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